Ethics, Vision & Values

Our Ethics, Vision and Values are core to the functioning of our organisation. This is the water which nourishes our roots and prepares a strong foundation for growth.


Our mission as NAWM is to build a sustainable structure that will guide and influence creativity and passion into young people. To instill integrity and strive in consistency with all diligence and proficient work ethics.


We value life in all its existence and our values are to uphold good morals and work ethics.


Strive to conduct business in an efficient, effective, professional and accountable manner. To bring high quality performance in our screens and enforce workmanship to our best ability.


Taking responsibility of our actions and being transparent in all our business transactions and endeavors.


Accountable efforts, hardworking and dedication in ensuring that all tasks undertaken have been completed to the best of our abilities, to ensure a well-balanced returns into the business.


To be consistent in our actions and conducting our business undertakings honestly, openly directly and ethically.


To respect and honor everyone involved in the dealings of NAWM PTY (Ltd)


To become a well-known organization of excellence in providing the best television experience and building our future talented youngsters. To maintain networking across the world to build unlimited confidence in breaking all boundaries to be the most outstanding media company.